Dance. I invite you to
release your body, free
your mind & unleash
your potential.

Helping you love life through dance – that's my job.

My mission for you
is to unleash your
potential through
finding your dance.
To create a life of
possibility. A life
you love.

Dance like nobody
is watching.

Using the Gabrielle Roth’s
5Rhythms®,  Stuart Phillips
at MyDanceMovement has
helped clients become
comfortable in their own
bodies,  to connect deeply with
self and others,  opening the
door for radical personal

Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® enables you to embrace your inner creativity by finding new and innovative ways to move to the beat. Not by having to learn someone else’s steps – you just move with what is happening within you.

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Here’s What Others say about Stuart’s classes and teaching

Video Interview With
Stuart Phillips, 5Rhythms®
Dance Movement Teacher