I’ve always loved dancing and was part of London’s dance and party scene

In my travels around the world, I always found somewhere to dance

I got into 5Rythms® because I simply enjoyed dancing

Later on, I discovered that dancing could be a meditation practice and a pathway to personal transformation



Born in Cyprus. Grew up in the UK. Travelled extensively throughout India. Journeyed through the Americas. Lived in Uganda. Chased eclipses all over the world. Trekked volcanoes in Costa Rica, Europe and the Philippines – travelling, discovery and adventure are in my bones.


Coaching In Personal Transformation

My previous experience and training as a coach has given me the ability to empower people. I have coached hundreds of people in how to achieve extraordinary results in their lives.



I graduated with an honours degree in Economics which took me into the world of business. I understand the pressures of working in a corporate environment and I bring this to the dance floor.


Father & Partner

Becoming married and a father of two boys brings challenges and so much joy into my life. This has a big influence on what I offer on the dance floor.