Aug 19 - 21 2022


7:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Letting Go – the art & science of surrendering to what’s so

How often do you feel stuck, over-burdened, doing the same things and expecting different results, or simply preoccupied with trying to figure everything out?

Gabriele Roth, through her 5Rhythms practice brought to our attention that we have become highly skilled in holding on to stuff – and that’s ok – it’s a survival mechanism and who doesn’t want to survive!

However, when holding on is no longer the solution, we may have to find a way to let go.

In this workshop, you will explore how to build a strong foundation from which you can begin to let go of what no longer serves you – allowing the stresses and strains on everyday life to lessen their grip – transporting you to new realms of possibility.

And what is possible you may rightly ask?

The answer to that questions dear dancer is anything – and what particular flavour of anything is entirely up to you!

I’ll meet you there on the dance-floor.




Leaders: Stuart Phillips

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