Mar 04 2021

One-on-one Coaching With Stuart

Do you feel stuck in any part of your dance?

Is there a part of you that you feel that you cannot fully express in dance and movement?

Do you know that where you feel stuck in your dance is likely to be where you are stuck in life?

These feelings and experiences may be a symptom of some dis-ease or blockage that can affect many areas in your life.

One-on-one coaching with me can help you see where you are stuck and help you transform that area in your life.

When blocks are identified and transformed, when you address what matters most to you, you have the possibility of experiencing the fullest expression of who you are.

Has Stuart coached people before?

Before becoming a 5Rhythms® teacher, I was Head Coach for a world-wide Transformative Learning organisation. I have coached hundreds of people from all over the world in how to achieve extraordinary results.

Each session with me is 100 percent dedicated to you. As compared to dancing with a community, a one-on-one session with me combines movement with verbal enquiry and will laser-focus on what you want to accomplish.

Whether there is an aspect of your life you are looking to transform or you want to deepen and strengthen you relationship to the 5Rhythms® practice, I will be a trusted friend who wants the best for you and will challenge you to be your best self. You will be seen. You will be heard.

Contact me at to schedule a session.

Pricing Schedule:

Session: Single session 5 sessions (10% discount)
30 minutes £40 £180
60 minutes £75 £337

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